Quality development in working with children and youth

Quality development in working with children and youth

Quality development

The SNJ supports the development of quality through various mechanisms, namely:

  • the monitoring of pedagogical quality in the education and childcare services, the parental assistants and in the services for young people
  • the coordination of continuing education for professionals working with children and young people,
  • by publishing educational materials and organizing thematic conferences
  • by supporting innovative projects in childcare services or services for young people

Recurrent training

Full-time staff in childcare (SEA) and youth centers (MJ) must participate in at least 32 hours of recurrent training over a two-year period.

The SNJ is responsible for the secretariat of the Recurrent Education Committee and manages the portal dedicated to recurrent education.

The SNJ is also responsible for the organization of recurrent education modules for the youth sector. For the child sector it organizes training on the frame of reference for non-formal education and on themes that have priority at national level. www.enfancejeunesse.lu



In order to ensure the dissemination of new concepts and good practices, the SNJ publishes several series of pedagogical documents aimed at professionals in the child and youth sectors:

  • "Quality Development" manuals aim to help professionals meet the legal requirements: drafting a general action concept, keeping a logbook, respecting the pedagogical approaches described in the framework of national reference on non-formal education
  • The "Pädagogische Handreichungen" aims to disseminate good practice on the 7 fields of action of the National Framework on Non-Formal Education
  •  "Studies and conferences" files are used to document the major national conferences on non-formal education, respectively to publish research work initiated by the SNJ

The "Cahiers parents" have as objective to support the parents as educational partners of their children.

Two other series are addressed to the facilitators:


  • "Facilitator's Dossiers" are used for the various levels of Facilitator training
  • "Training guides" are used for the training of "freelance" facilitators active in pedagogical centers


Thematic conferences

The SNJ regularly organizes conferences on the main themes of non-formal education of children and young people. These events are aimed at the staff of the education and childcare services and the youth services. In addition, a specific national symposium for educational staff of youth centers, youth organizations and services on a selected theme is proposed annually to exchange examples of practice.

Quality development

The supervision of the application of the provisions concerning quality assurance (amended Law of 4 July 2008 on youth) is carried out by the regional youth officers of the Quality Development Division.

Regional Youth Officers are responsible for advising general policy concepts and monitoring educational practice in childcare, youth services and parental assistants.