Support and training to youth work


Support for youth organizations is through:trainings for youth leaders

  • trainings for youth leaders
  • the “youth leave” scheme
  • the equipment loan service
  • partnerships and joint projects
  • the "GO" device
  • the "Jugendprais"

Training courses:

These training courses, organized in four levels, are aimed at volunteers who supervise activities for young people: recreational days during summer holidays, weekends, camps and settlements.

The training courses are mostly organized by the municipal services or youth organizations themselves. In a spirit of subsidiarity, the SNJ organizes only a small number of courses for young people who are not members of a youth organization.

The SNJ coordinates the training for animators in Luxembourg with the support of an advisory commission bringing together the training organizers.

The SNJ still organizes training for members of student committees and training for "school mediators".


Youth leave


The purpose of youth leave is to support the development of activities for the benefit of young people at the local, regional and national levels. By means of this option, youth workers and executives of youth movements can take extra days off to organize and supervise training internships and educational activities for young people.


Loaning of equipment

SNJ possesses stocks of equipment which it makes available at no charge for organizing camps or other activities for young people.


Projects realized in partnership

The SNJ offers on request and if necessary its support both for projects initiated by young people and for projects targeting young people.

The nature of the support can be:

  • advice to develop educational ideas / projects;
  • logistical support (provision of room and equipment) to carry out the projects;
  •  financial support (see "GO" device).

Projects and campaigns

In order to provide greater transparency to working with young people and in order to motivate more organizations and institutions to dedicate themselves to this field, SNJ organises a certain number of broadly based projects. The "On Stéitsch" festival, “Makerspace” and "Nuit du sport" are annual events attracting thousands of young people. Apart from these regular events, the SNJ organizes projects and campaigns according to the needs of the sector or political priorities. All these projects are carried out in partnership with municipal or national institutions, youth organizations or other actors willing to engage in work with young people.


GO device

Any group of young people (minimum 3 young people between 12 and 30 years old) or association that proposes an action for a group of young people can profit from a co-financing "project GO".



The aim of the "Jugendpräis" is above all to offer the most outstanding and innovative projects in the field of youth a platform for promotion beyond the youth sector.

The "Jugendpräis" is organized every two years by the SNJ.

The first editions took place in 2015 and 2017.